101 Dalmatians Lamp

101 Dalmatians Lamp

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Receive the warm glow of pure puppy love with this adorably cute 101 Dalmatians Lamp! Inspired by the classic Disney film, the 101 Dalmatians Lamp lets you have your very own Dalmatian puppy, making it the cutest way to light your room. Powered by USB (the USB cable acts as the puppy's lead) the 101 Dalmatian Lamp also has a touch on/off feature, meaning the light is switched on and off by giving the puppy a soft pat on the head. First released in 1961, Walt Disney's One Hundred and One Dalmatians was an instant classic, and has become a much-loved favourite for generations of Disney fans ever since. Following the story of the titular pups and their quest to evade the villainous Cruella De Vil, the film even spawned live action remakes in the 1990s, and even a much anticipated stand alone Cruella film in 2018. A great gift for lovers of all things Disney, the 101 Dalmatians Lamp is an officially licensed Disney product.

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